This article is about parrots from Skywire. For parrots from other games, please see Parrots.

Attack Roosts on track;
Deals damage on contact
Damage One passenger
Game(s) Skywire

Parrots are hazards in the game Skywire.


Parrots are red, yellow, and blue, but mainly red. They have a white face and a black beak. Their long tail is blue. They have black eyes with a white sclera, and a slant where their wings are, indicating that they are robotic.

Game information

Parrots sit on a level piece of the track and fly upwards when the cable car is in the vicinity. It is still possible to hit it (and therefore lose a passenger) if the cable car goes too fast, since they take a bit less than half a second to fly out of the way. They also react if on a track below the approaching car, but can be avoided if below the car if the car goes quickly enough, such as at the beginning of level 19. Parrots roost in levels 2, 7, 9, 19, and 23.

Other appearances


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