Parasite Squid
Gender Unknown
Species Alien space squid[1]
Faction Evil
Health One heart (Parasite), one hundred (NMD)
Level(s) All (Parasite), 20 (NMD)
Status Alive,
really fat
Game(s) Parasite, Nitrome Must Die

The Parasite[2] is the main character and the protaganist-villain in the game Parasite. It is also a semi-boss in Nitrome Must Die, in which it takes over the giant moon from the Cheese Dreams series.


The Parasite is described as a very small, brown cephalopod with one green eye. It has many small tentacles for a mouth, and two big tentacles that it uses for walking. It has the power to control creatures or objects by stabbing them in the head with its tentacle and is seen injecting something through it, making the creature change to a dark gray/green with green eyes with with green slime dropping out of the creature's mouth.

When not possessing creatures, the action button (Z key) makes the Parasite pass gas. When the alien is idle, it will use one of its tentacles to lick around Its mouth.

Game Information



Academy of Evil
The Parasite took lessons at the Academy of Evil (probably to become evil) but it did not take any swimming lessons, which it would later regret. Run-in with the space bees
The Parasite somehow got onto the space bees' hive planet, which it barely escaped. Ever since then, the space bees have been its biggest enemy.

Draining the green planet
The Parasite flew down onto the green planet in his Gasguzzler 9000. Its quest was to drain the planet by placing energy mining machine fueled by big forest spirits.

The Parasite later got to the green planet's tree of energy, which is where it collected the last fourteen big forest spirits.

After that, the planet, having no energy became a uninhabitable ball of dust. The Parasite, full from eating all the forest spirits was about to have one more snack when his ship found a new source: Earth.

Game information

The Parasite is a small being that roams the galaxy robbing innocent planets of its energy. The parasite walks at a medium pace, and can jump rather high. His main ability is to enslave animals by jumping on to their head and somehow, with its tentacle, stabbing it into the beings mind and somehow controlling them. This causes their eyes to turn green and their mouth to drool green goo.

All animals do not have the same health, some being stronger or weaker than others. The parasite literally uses corrupted animals as machines, making use of their abilities to pass obstacles or kill other enemies that cannot be enslaved.

Some enemies cannot be enslaved due to their vital organ - the brain - being shielded from being attacked. He can jump off enemies by pressing the X keyboard key will kill the enslaved creature the parasite is on, and give him a boost off it. When not controlling an enemy, it just causes him to pass gas.

Elite winged cats, snails, and beetles are examples of unenslaveable enemies, who must be killed to be passed or nimbly maneuvered through. The parasite will gain points for eating small forest spirits, and sets up energy-draining checkpoints when it passes a big forest spirit.

The Parasite is very weak independently, as just a touch of any hazard makes him explode and his green blood splat onto the screen. The Parasite seems to have not learned how to swim, as he also dies when he touches water. The Parasite will jump into his Gasguzzler 9000 upon placing all checkpoints in the area.

His enslaving abilities seems to extend past living creatures, but also to inanimate objects. When using the out of order cannons, he can control make the cannon shoot out an acorn that he can control, and somehow kill enemies with it, even though the parasite is placed on the front. This may be possible because the parasite and acorn are traveling at high speeds, like a bullet.

Nitrome Must Die

The Parasite appears in Nitrome Must Die on level 20, appearing as the boss for that level. The parasite has enslaved the moon and uses it to try to kill Austin Carter and Justin Bennet. The Parasite serves as the weak point of the moon, having to be shot to damage the moon. The Parasite will try to move the moon around as to try to not get himself near Austin or Justin.

Other appearances



  • The player can make the parasite pass gas by pressing Z while he is not on a character.
  • The Parasite may be a reference of the Dalek mutants, as both appear as small one eyed cephalopods.
  • The Parasite resembles infecting aliens from various games, for example: the Zerg from Starcraft, the Necromorphs from Dead Space and the Scrin from Command and Conquer.


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