This article is about bombs from Mutiny. For bombs from other games, please see Bomb.

Parachute bombs
Mutiny ParachuteBomb animated
A parachute bomb
Ammunition Varies
Ability Descends slower, can be moved easier
Action Is thrown, descends via parachute
Damage High
Game(s) Mutiny

Parachute bombs are weapons that appears in the game Mutiny. They are based off the cherry bombs, a variation of the aforementioned weapon.


The parachute bomb appears as a usual cherry bomb, only a little bit bigger. Once thrown in the air a black-and-white striped parachute will appear, connected with two strings to the bomb.

Game information

The parachute bomb is a variation of the cherry bomb which can be controlled easier than the latter and allow the player to hit multiple target with ease.

Much like cherry bombs, parachute bombs are thrown using the mouse and a pointer is used to adjust the trajectory. A few seconds after throwing the bomb in the air, a parachute will come out and the mouse cursor will be turned into a fan. Holding down the left mouse button will cause the parachute bomb to be blown in the direction of the fan. Parachute bombs share a similar trajectory to that of bananas and rum bottles, and furthermore can be thrown farther than cherry bombs and even dynamite.

The parachute bomb can be easy to land on the player's target, as fanning will slowly move the parachute in the desired direction of the player. Since the parachute bomb descends rather quickly, the player has to act fast to fan the weapon.


Click and drag with your mouse to aim set the power. As it drifts down use you cursor as a fan to push it left or right.


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