Paper throwing cleaners
GW Paper Throwers
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Throwing paper balls
Health Invincible
Game(s) The Glassworks

Paper throwing cleaners are enemies in the game The Glassworks. When they see Kapowski, they will throw paper balls at him until he gets out of their range.


Paper throwing cleaners wear light blue suits and a red tie, along with a miner's hat. They carry clipboards, which is where they get their paper balls from. They are seen in brown cable cars with yellow and black stripes on the top and flashlights on the bottom.

Game information

The cable cars the paper throwing cleaners stand on are connected to a rail with two vertical wires on each side. When Kapowski gets close by, the cable car will follow him in a vertical line. If Kapowski gets right in front of it, the cleaner inside it will rip a sheet of his clipboard, make a paper ball and attempt to throw it at Kapowski.

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