Panel residue ball

(above) Actual size; (below) closeup.

Ability Filling in holes to create panels
Game(s) Flue

Panel residue balls are interactive objects in Flue.


Panel residue balls are spherical objects made up of a clay-like substance used for making panels. They are orange in colour, and appear to be a lighter shade on the top half than on the bottom half, which is darker.

Game information

Panel residue balls can be pushed by the player. They will only move if a panel or hole is in front of them, and only if that panel is not already occupied by a hazard. Once they are pushed into a hole, they will fill the hole with a clay-like substance to create a panel that can be walked on.

A panel residue ball will cause a crawling red slime to change direction if it is blocking its path. If a panel residue ball is under a spiked red slime when the counter resets, the spiked red slime will not move.

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