Paint blowers

A green paint blower from Nitrome 1.2

Gender None
Faction Good
Health N/A
Status Alive
Game(s) None

Paint blowers are characters that appear in the classic skin and Jobs page of


Paint blowers appear as a face with long lips and two white rabbit like ears. They have a line for eyebrows, and two eyes. Their mouth is an extended tube that shoots paint that is the same colour as their skin. One eye is coloured differently. The new image for the job page has the paint blowers looking more like rabbits, with there face looking more like a block and being smaller. They come in red, blue and green.


Paint blowers first appeared in the classic skin, on a hill, where one of them was blowing out paint, then again in the jobs section of, in all versions.

The first image in the jobs section shows three of the paint blowers on grass, one red, another blue, and another green. The 2.0 version shows each paint blower on a ledge blowing paint, with the paint leading on to a rainbow.


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