Pads are interactive objects in Flash Cat. They are found placed on the track and give a boost to the Flash Cat when passed over. Often, they are required to go over to progress through the level, but sometimes in Flash Cat they are optional and lead to point-filled areas. Two types of pads exist: turbo pads and boost pads.

Turbo pads

Turbo pads are often encountered pads in Flash Cat. They appear as a orange circle on the track emitting an orange light. When gone over, the player will receive a large boost of speed, but not as much as that given by the turbo power-up.


A turbo pad

Many turbo pads are often found in a line, so the player can quickly increase his/her speed by passing over them. It is suggested to try to hit as many of these pads as possible, since this could save time and effort when getting to the end arch.

Boost pads

Boost pads are a type of pad found in Flash Cat. Boost pads appear as a purple bump with blue arrows pointing up diagonally. When gone over, the Flash Cat will be boosted into the air, much higher than a regular jump. They are always found on the edges of platforms, and are occasionally necessary to get to the next part of the track. Speed also effects whether the player will land safely, as if the player has too little speed, he/she may be bound to miss the platform.


A boost pad

Speed can be increased by going over turbo pads, and sometimes the player is given a turbo power-up to use and is instructed by signs on how to use it before passing over the boost pad. This power-up can take the player to the next pad, if used properly.

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