Ability Drowning in tar
Points White = 10
Blue = 25
Red = 50
Gold = 100
Game(s) B.C. Bow Contest

Pachycephalosauruses are obstacles that appear in tar on the second round of the Tar Cup in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


Pachycephlosaurus is yellow dinosaur with brown eyes, a mouth, and tar splattered around its skin. It has a target painted on its head and spikes below the area the target is on.

Game information

Pachycephalosauruses will drown in tar when the contestant hits it with an arrow, this dinosaur then surfacing in another place being either closer or farther away from the contestant.

The dinosaur has four target on its head: white targets give ten points, blue targets give twenty-five points, red targets give fifty points, and gold targets give one hundred points. Even if the pachycephalosaurus will be completely submerged under tar, the arrows on its back will not count as a loss of points (as if they landed in tar).

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