A pachinko

Pachinko is a useful tool in Rubble Trouble Tokyo.


The pachinko consists of two tools: A crane and a metal ball. The crane is held up by two metal cords which go off the screen, the two cords are attached to a hook which holds a metal rope which holds a yellow rectangular metal piece. The metal piece has a striped yellow-and-black line, which above the line reads "pachinko". Below the piece is a tube like structure, which holds the metal ball. The metal ball has spikes all over it, and is constantly being electrified.

Game information

When the tool is selected, the crane coming out of the sky (possibly being held by the helicopter) will be able to be extended down or up by moving the mouse vertically in the desired direction. Moving the mouse horizontally will move the pachinko in that direction. Clicking will release the ball, which will bounce around, cracking and destroying bricks. Clicking will cause the pachinko to explode. Due to the crane coming out of the sky, the player can only extend the pachinko down only if the crane is not colliding with anything.

Game description

Move the mouse pointer to where you want to drop the ball.
Click to drop it and watch it destroy everything in its path!
Click again to detonate the ball with satisfying results!


  • As mentioned when it is introduced, it is named after the popular Japanese gambling game called Pachinko.
    • Ironically, the demolition crew first use it to demolish a arcade center which presumably had pachinko games held there.
  • The bumping sound for the pachinko can be heard also in Chick Flick, Twang, and Sonic the Hedgehog series (when Sonic bumps into red bumper ball with a silver star in the middle of it).

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