Orbit spheres
Mini Ball Protected Ball
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Making the smaller orbs move in and out around it
Health Middle sphere - Two blows
Outer spheres - Three blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Orbit spheres are enemies in the game Bullethead.


Orbit spheres have one central sphere with an orange light in the middle. Around it are eight smaller spheres. The central sphere is purplish brown with four grey metal pieces at each corner. It has a light purple circle inside it, which surrounds the orange light. The outer spheres are also purplish-brown with two black lines on them. All of the spheres appear to be made from metal.

Game information

Protected sphere

An orbit sphere on the inner orbit

The orbit sphere will come out of the left side of the screen. It will move its eight balls out and turn them around, then pull them in and turn them around. Because the robot is constantly moving the balls, the player has to destroy the small balls to get a good shot at the middle sphere.

The player may sometime be able to shoot at the middle sphere through the gaps made by the moving balls. When the middle sphere move its balls closer to the ground when pushing them out (some may actually brush against the ground), it will move closer to the ground. When the middle sphere moves higher up, it pulls the balls in. Red bullet power-ups are good to use against these enemies.

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