Orange pads
Orange Pad
Ability Activates something/opens a locked gate
Game(s) Hot Air series

Orange pads are one of the four pads in the Hot Air series. Orange pads are absent in Hot Air Jr (being replaced with keys), and they appear more often then blue pads in Hot Air 2.


Like usual pads, orange pads appear as an orange bar with curved edges. The difference from other pads is that this one has a key over it, a key that appears as a circle with a bar leading out from the middle of the circle. This bar has two smaller bars that are located placed on the end, below the bar.

Game information

Hot Air 1 & Hot Air 2

Orange pads are always placed on a platform, and when landed on activate something. They often cause a locked gate to disappear, allowing the player to pass through the previously blocked area. In Hot Air 2, they serve the same purpose, only being used differently on one level. On level ten Octoboss, pressing one causes a bullet to be fired.

On level two, Shut your Trap, an orange pad is placed on the head of two spike traps. Landing on it causes the trap to get angry and pull their spiky arms up, killing Hot Air if he is not quick enough to escape.

These orange pads, although placed differently, unlock locked gates as most orange pads do. In Hot Air 1, they only appear as a simple orange coloured pad, while in Hot Air 2 a key is added. Landing on an orange pad in Hot Air 2 causes it to do its function, and the key to disappear.

Hot Air Jr

Orange pads are completely absent from Hot Air Jr, likely due to or in favour of keys. Keys serve the same purpose as orange pads, and unlike orange pads, keys are portable and add a challenge to the level by being heavier.