Orange blocks
DeadlyOrangeTilesSwindler Orange blocks
Left: in Swindler Right: in Swindler 2
Damage Death
Game(s) Swindler and Swindler 2

Orange blocks are a hazard in the Swindler series.


Orange blocks have the appearance of orange boxes that have spikes.

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Spike Tile

An orange tile with its spikes out.

Game information

Orange blocks are introduced in level four of Swindler, and level five of Swindler 2. They are blocks the player or the cord cannot touch, otherwise, the Swindler will die. They act the same as mines, if the player touches a mine, it will die. And in the case of Swindler, spikes come out of the box and kill the player instantly.

Orange tiles also will make the player balance in a straight way, making it harder to avoid if the player is swinging too fast.



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