Orange balloon plants
Orange plant
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Floating upward
Game(s) Swindler 2

Orange balloon plants are hazards in Swindler 2. They do not appear in the prequel, Swindler.


Orange balloon plants are plants with spiky stems and a large, bubbling sphere of orange goo (the bubbles being yellow) with eyes. Also, several orange goo bubbles are present on the stem.

Game information

An orange balloon plant's only method of attack is floating upwards. Orange balloon plants will respond to the player's tilting of the screen by shifting their position. Both their goo balls and stems are deadly on contact, and will kill Swindler if his body impacts the spiky cord or orange balloon plant's head, but will not kill him if only Swindler's cords touches the spiky cord or orange balloon plant head.

Orange balloon plants stems can increase to varying lengths, sometimes very short, sometimes long, and sometimes even infinitely, the plant stretching around platforms if it has to. The player can also cause the orange balloon plant to lessen its cord. The head of the orange balloon plant exerts a force on switches, along with its cord. Despite this ability, orange balloon plants are never used for the activation of buttons.

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