This article is about checkpoints from Oodlegobs. For checkpoints from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Oodlegobs hives
Taken hive
Ability Serves as a checkpoint, spawns more oodlegobs when touched
Game(s) Oodlegobs

Oodlegobs hives are interactive objects in the game Oodlegobs. They are used by the Oodlegobs to spawn more Oodlegobs.


Untaken hive

An un-
touched hive

Oodlegobs hives look like beehives. They have octagonal holes, each being coloured in either blue, pink, yellow, green and light-brown, which are highlighted by yellow coloured lines. Each hole has a colored goo inside of it. This goo will come out in the form of Oodlegobs when the Oodlegobs walk near it. The top of the hive has a black flag on it.

Untouched hives have their octagonal holes coloured in grey, with an orange liquid hanging from them.

Game information

Oddlegobs hives are used to respawn Oodlegobs for the purpose of destroying MewTube. The Oodlegobs hives were most likely also created by the teenager. Whenever an Oodlegob comes in contact with a hive, any dead Oodlegobs will be respawned. If all of the Oodlegobs die, then all of them will respawn at the last activated hive.

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