A blue Oodlegob
Gender None
Species Viral worm
Faction Evil
Health One hit to a hazard
Level(s) All
Status Alive,
running cooking blogs
Game(s) Oodlegobs

Oodlegobs are the main characters in the game of the same name.


Oodlegobs are worm-like creatures that have white teeth and each of them come in a different colour. The colours they come in are blue, pink, green, and orange. They appear to have a belly lighter in colour to the rest of their body, and a tail that is darker than the rest of their body; they also have tongues the same colour as their bodies.

They also seem to have a small 'belly button'. Upon teleporting to a teleporter, Oodlegobs will become spherical and bloated in shape and their eyes and mouths become squinty and small. They will then 'pop' and reappear at the teleporter; Oodlegobs have two small eyes on the top of their head.

Game information


The Oodlegobs were created by an angry teenager who was tired of his friends watching MewTube videos. He created the Oodlegobs virus to infect and destroy the MewTube website so that he would not have to watch any more cat videos.

The Oodlegobs eventually did destroy MewTube and replaced it with cooking blogs.

In game

Oodlegobs are small creatures that move horizontally and can jump only one block in height. They have the ability to gather together and stack themselves up in order to reach higher areas. The creatures also have the ability to activate buttons and will be bounced by springs. They will spawn more of themselves after attacking cats. Oodlegobs will die on contact with a hazard, such as a spike, laser, or bomb explosion. However, they will survive a bomb explosion and and will be blown away by it if they are far enough away from the explosion.

On contact with a Oodlegobs hive, they will all respawn. However, on contact with a teleporter, all surviving Oodlegobs will teleport to the teleporter. Upon touching a mewserver, the mewserver will become corrupted and show the face of a giant pink Oodlegob.

When idling, Oodlegobs will do one of many different actions. They will make a funny face, grind their teeth together, look at the player and grin, or burp.

Other appearances

  • Kraken skin - A group of Oodlegobs appear on the Kraken's large tentacle, jumping up.
  • Oodletrouble skin - A very large amount of Oodlegobs appear in the skin, escaping from the Mewservers and attacking the surrounding city. Notably, there are some very large Oodlegobs.


Penguin 1

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