One-eyed herd
One Eyed Herd
Attacks Running into the player
Abilities None
Level 5-3
Health Segments - 1 blow
Game(s) Frost Bite

The one-eyed herd is the first boss in Frost Bite, encountered on level 5.


The one eyed herd consists of 6 furry spherical segments. All segments have a brown spike on top, and all segments (except the head at the start of the level) have several feet. The head segment has a visible yellow eyeball, and leads all the segments behind it. When the head segment is separated from the rest of the herd, a flap of fur lifts up on the spherical segment that was behind the head segment.

Game information

The one eyed herd is encountered on level 5, room two. It is fought in a cave, as all bosses are. The one eyed herd slowly walks, not noticing the player. The player will lose health if a segment hits them. To defeat the best, the Eskimo has to shoot the head segment, which the grappling hook will pull off if it reaches it. Each segment only need to be shot once to be pulled off. Spikes on top prevents the player from damaging the boss by jumping on the segments and decreases the danger of the player being harmed. The less segments there are, the faster the creature moves. The last segment moves very fast, and unless it is immediately killed, it will hurt the player. Jumping will help avoid the segment at this part. Killing the segment unlocks the door leading outside the cave.


  • The one-eyed herd is the first boss created by Nitrome.
  • A scientific reason the one-eyed herd moves faster when there are less segments is that it does not have to exert as much energy to pull all segments, as there are less as the battle ensues, thus, it moves faster.

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