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Omega dragon
Omega Dragon
Attacks Fires streams of bullets
Fires a giant laser
Abilities None
Level 20
Health ?
Game(s) Bullethead

The omega dragon is the boss character in Bullethead.


The omega dragon resembles a classic Chinese dragon. It has four small green pellet-shaped eyes and moves in a wiggle motion (moving up and down). It appears to be made out of many fused metal parts. It has a orange orb on its forehead and two long horns made of metal. It has eight legs, five of them being visible at one time, and two metallic tendrils coming out of the sides of its head that look like a moustache, with a mouth in the shape of a crown.

Game information

The omega dragon will come out of the left side of the screen. It has three attacks: a double stream of bullets which the player must stand in the middle of to dodge, a giant purple laser/ dragon breath attack, and an attack where he swoops close to the ground, which can be dodged by standing under a part of the dragon that is further away from the ground. He takes many hits to destroy.


When the player starts the level, the omega dragon will start by activating its laser attack. The players should stay away from the laser and move in the direction the omega dragon is moving. While doing this, the player can shoot bullets that may hit the omega dragon. When the omega dragon stops, but does not go off-screen, the player should walk to the opposite side of the screen. In a few seconds, the laser attack will continue. Continue shooting bullets and avoiding the attack.

When the omega dragon does its swooping attack, get under the middle part of the dragon, stay there, and continue shooting the dragon.

The dragon should do the bullet attack, which is hard to avoid. In order to dodge this attack move in with the dragon and go between the bullets, and moving in sync with the dragon.

Health canisters and weapon upgrades will not be given during the battle, thus the player should be careful to not lose health.



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