Attack Hitting the player with a club (-7 HP)
Health 20 HP
Points High EXP
Game(s) Blast RPG

Ogres are enemies in the game Blast RPG.


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Ogres are a greenish gray tint, carry a wooden club, wears a brown shirt with a skull, and wears dark brown pants. Their skin is covered with warts and have red eyes and bushy, dark brown eyebrows and dark grey hair tied up. Their nose is green and appears to look like the snout of a pig. They have only one tooth that points upwards.

Game information

Ogres appear in all levels after level three. When encountered, they deal damage to the boy knight with the club that they are holding. As strong enemies (as opposed to others previously encountered in the game), ogres can deal extra damage with each blow, making them more difficult to defeat.

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