For the game, see Off The Rails.

Off the Rails is an arena in Bump Battle Royale, serving as the tenth level in the campaign. This arena comes from Off the Rails and takes place on a moving platform on railroad tracks.

Off the rails arena


This arena is a platform that is square in shape and has no walls or barriers of any kind. The outer border of the arena is red in colour and probably made of metal, while the inner section of the arena is made of grey wire mesh and has a red cactus shape in the middle, this object having two black circles on it that represent eyes.

The entire arena is set on and rolls along two railroad tracks. The floor of the arena is a mesh floor that is see-through, revealing orange sand and rock underneath the moving platform. The bottom edge of the arena has a grey section with a rectangular red button that says 'Brake' on it. Moving over this button makes it press down, but the button serves no purpose and will not stop the moving platform.

Game information

The Off the Rails arena is the eighth arena encountered in Campaign Mode and is unlocked for multiplayer modes upon being completed in Campaign Mode. The arena moves along a pair of railroad tracks and will go around corners on the tracks.

On level ten, the player fights several opponents; Cactus Man, Worker with Hair, worker with cap, and worker with shaved head.

The platform in the arena has a simple construction, with no hazards on it. The only hazard in the level is the wind in the level, which blows in the direction the platform is moving. This wind is around the same strength as the waterfall on the Twin Shot arena.


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