This article is about Octopuses from Sky Serpents. For Octopuses from other games, please see Octopuses.

Octopus serpent
Octopus Serpent
Level Fifteen
Attack(s) Dangerous gasses, electric spheres, spikes
Abilities Increased speed
Weak spots Five
Spot health
All: Five to seven blows

The octopus serpent is the fifteenth and final sky serpent in the game Sky Serpents.


The octopus serpent is a short, golden-brown serpent with the head of an octopus.

Octopus serpant

The entire octopus serpent

Game information

The octopus serpent is the fifteenth and final sky serpent in the game. It uses assets from previous sky serpents, having high speed from the bird serpent (although the octopus has an even higher speed), and also using electric spheres from the aforementioned serpent. It protects its weak spots with the gas from the dragon serpent, and uses spikes used by the worm serpent and ice dragon serpent.

This serpent serves as the final test for the player, but although being the last sky serpent, it is not nearly as hard as the previous sky serpent.


  • The player should jump and try to land on the weak spots of the sky serpent instead of walking, as they may have a hard time trying to bypass the hazards.


The octopus serpent has three attacks, two released when a weak spot is killed. gasses will be on the left and right of each weak spot, the same gas used by the dragon serpent.

Every time a weak spot is destroyed, electric spheres will be released from the holes - the same electric spheres used by the bird serpent. The holes the dangerous gasses are being emitted from will change, so they are around the new weak spot. After the third weak spot is killed, spikes will pop up out of hole.


The octopus serpent is the fastest serpent in the game - faster than the bird serpent - making it a difficult to get to the weak spots. The player should jump, and try to land on the weak spots, instead of trying to walk to them.

Weak spots

The octopus serpent has five weak spots, each which take five to seven blows to kill.

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