North Star
North Star
Type Gatling Gun
Grid spaces 3
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 450 495
Damage 5 6
Reload Fast Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

North Star is a rapid succession bullet firing gun in Steamlands. The North Star shares several similarities with the Woodpecker gun, including firing a long line of bullets and having a similar appearance to the Woodpecker.


The North Star has a sloped up base which has a brown edge of a circle going around the base, and two dials and bolts directly on the base. As with most guns, the red light connects the barrel of the gun to the base.

The gun itself, like the Woodpecker gun, is a constantly rotating Gatling-style machine gun, except the North Star's barrel is longer than the Woodpecker's and has three circles around the barrel instead of one for the Woodpecker.

Game Information

The North Star without any upgrades fires faster than the Woodpecker without upgrades, the North Star will also adjust its aim so it is always aiming at the block is was commanded to be aimed at.

Because of the North Star's large base, it takes up 3 blocks instead of the usual 2. The North Star starts off at 450 health points and can be upgraded to 495 health points. The North Star is an upgraded version of the Woodpecker.

North Star Shop Items

Below lists the Shop Items that can be bought for the North Star, and take effect in Steamlands.

North Star Damage 1 North Star Health 1 North Star Reload 1
Image: NS1 NS2 NS3
Price: £15000 £15000 £15000
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 495 North Star fires faster
Description: Ken, the local mechanic, says he knows the North Star better than any other mechanic. He reckons he can improve the punch the North Star delivers. Just as the North Star targets the pressure points of the opponents, it too has pressure points. The local acupuncturist Raoh knows where those pressure points are and his help can be bought. Could the North Star devastate any faster? A matter of improving the cooling system the local plumber says. Like some plumbers, he's not cheap.
Level: Voyage of the Titanic Voyage of the Titanic


  • The North Star deals the least amount of damage of any gun in Steamlands, dealing five damage per shot non-upgraded, and six damage per shot when upgraded.
  • The North Star, although being an upgraded version of the Woodpecker, deals actually less damage than the Woodpecker, dealing five damage per one shot while the Woodpecker deals six damage per shot. When upgraded, the Woodpecker deals seven damage per shot while the North Star deals six damage per shot. However, the North Star fires faster than the Woodpecker.

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