Norse father
Norse Father
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Level(s) Introduction,
Status Alive
Game(s) Sky Serpents

The Norse father is the father of the young Norse warrior. He made his debut in Sky Serpents.


The Norse father is fairly old, judging by his grey hair and beard. He wears a black eye-patch, probably because of an incident with a sky serpent. He has blue eyes, but only one can be seen because of his eyepatch. He also wears brown pants and brown shoes. There are two swords on his back, both of which don't have scabbards.

Game information


The Norse father's son said he was going to beat his father's record of defeating 14 sky serpents, surprising the Norse father.

Sky Serpents B00:39

Sky Serpents B

The introduction of Sky Serpents

After the Norse father's son came back to tell him he beat his record, the son was shocked to hear the full number of serpents his dad had slayed, 140.
Sky Serpents E00:58

Sky Serpents E

The ending of Sky Serpents

In game

The Norse father does not appear at all in the levels of the game.

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