This article is about arrows from B.C. Bow Contest. For arrows from other games, please see Arrows.


This article is about normal arrows from B.C. Bow Contest. For normal arrows from Twin Shot series, please see Arrows (Twin Shot)#Normal arrows.

Normal arrows
Normal Arrow
Price MochiCoins: Free
Post MochiCoins: Free
Abilities Granting the player points when contact is made with a target
Game B.C. Bow Contest

Normal arrows are a type of arrow in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


Normal arrows are have a long yellow stick with a black arrowhead on the top. There are also short yellow "fins" that branch off of the main stick of the arrow at the end. These are perhaps to make the arrow more aerodynamic.

Game information

Basic arrows are the most basic type of arrows. They have no special skill and are used by all characters in the game. Basic arrows are affected by wind and move completely straight, but not indefinitely straight. They are free and the primary arrow every player always has.


Just arrows!

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