No-turn zones
No-Turn Zones
Ability Prevents Turner from turning
Game(s) Enemy 585

No-turn zones are interactive objects in the game Enemy 585.


They appear as transparent blocks with padlocks going across all the blocks.

Game information

The no-turn zones prevent Turner from turning at all. Because of this, Turner will have to pick a form that Enemy 585 will be able to walk over, as he will not be able to turn. Every time, there is a hole somewhere where there is just background, where Turner can turn to a different form so he can quickly assist Enemy 585 so he doesn't fall.

The no-turn zones are introduced in level 3-1, the same level 180 zones are introduced. The no-turn zones and 180 Zones appear twice throughout Enemy 585, once on level 3-1, and again on the last level, 1-1.

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