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Hi there! This page contains editing tips to help you with editing!

How to Style Text

You can style text with 'wikimarkup' or HTML.
' ' italic ' ' => italic

' ' ' bold ' ' ' => Bold

' ' ' ' ' italic and bold ' ' ' ' ' => italic and bold

<s>strike</s> => strike

<u>underline</u> => underline

<span style="color:red;">red text</span> => red text

How to make links

Links are created with one or two square brackets.
A simple internal link
=> Nitrome An internal link with link text
[[Nitrome|Text you want]]
=> Text you want

A numbered external link
An external link with link text
[ link text]

How to add Headings

Headings use equals signs. The more "=", the smaller the heading.

How to Indent Text

::More Indent
:::Even more indent

* Bullet
** Sub Bullet
* Bullet

# Numbered List
## Sub List
# Numbered List

How to insert images

Images are added and formatted in a similar way to links. When uploading images, it is recommended that you upload them as a PNG file; this helps preserve the quality of the pictures a lot better than a JPG file does. [[File:Name.png]]
To ad alt. text
[[File:Name.png|Alt text]]
To make a thumbnail
To specify the size of the image (bigger numbers enlarge the image, smaller numbers shrink it)
[[File:Name.png|200px| ]]
To align the image (write down either left or right)
You can combine these attributes by putting a pipe symbol "|" between them. Remember, anything after the last pipe is text.

More help and video demos

Want more detailed help?

Visit Wikia Help!

For Video walkthroughs:

Visit Video Demos!

Need article formatting help?

Visit the wiki's Manual of Style!

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