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Here is a list with the previous battle results.


Keyboard or mouse games battle!
Chickflickicon VS Ico nanobots

Star1 Chick Flick (5 votes)
Star2 Nanobots (3 votes)

Space games battle!
Cheese Dreams 2 demo icon VS Cheesedreamsicon VS New moon icon
Ico nebula VS Ico chisel VS Ico chisel2
Gunbrick icon VS Cosmic Cannon VS Spacehoppericon

Star1 Cheese Dreams: New Moon (5 votes)
Star2 Chisel 2 (3 votes)
Star3 Cheese Dreams (1 vote)
Star4 Space Hopper, Nebula, Gunbrick, Chisel, Cheese Dreams Demo, Cosmic Cannon (0 votes)

Brains battle!
RustBucket brain monster VS Electro Brain

Star1 Brains (Nitrome) (2 votes)
Star2 Brain (Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage) (1 vote)
Star3 Brain monsters (0 votes)

Games with different worlds battle!
Ico hopswap VS Ditto Icon VS Yinyangicon
Ico megamash

Star1 Mega Mash (2 votes)
Star2 Yin Yang (1 vote)
Star3 Hop Swap and Ditto (0 votes)

Bulls battle!
LeapDay Shia LaBeouf mugshot VS RustBucket bulls
Sitting Bull

Star1 La Beef (4 votes)
Star2 Bulls (Off The Rails) (1 vote)
Star3 Bulls (Rust Bucket) (0 votes)

Collection-based games battle!
Spacehoppericon VS Ico nebula
Ico badicecream VS BIC2 VS Ico badicecream3

Star1 Bad Ice-Cream (2 votes)
Star2 Bad Ice-Cream 3, Nebula, and Space Hopper (1 vote)
Star3 Bad Ice-Cream 2 (0 votes)

Hiding enemies battle!
Crying Monster VS CloakedKnight
RustBucket mimic VS Mimic attack

Star1 Mimics (4 votes)
Star2 Mimics (Blast RPG) (1 vote)
Star3 Crying monsters and cloaked knights (0 votes)

Approaching threat games battle!
Ico avalanche VS Ico cavechaos VS Ico supertreadmill
Cave chaoss 2 sad VS J-J-Jumpicon VS Ico coopedup

Star1 Super Treadmill (3 votes)
Star2 J-J-Jump , Cave Chaos 2, and Avalanche (1 vote)
Star3 Cave Chaos and Cooped Up (0 votes)

Robot main characters battle!
Zapo TransVS Magneboy (Character) VSRustyard-rusty
Powerup-conductingcircuit VSChiseler
Red Nanobot

Star1 Chiseler and Zapo (2 votes)
Star2 Human piloted nanobot , Robot (Rustyard), and Magneboy (1 vote)
Star3 Transformers (0 votes)

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