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Jr Balloon




Spikes (Knight Trap)


King Cloud

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CDNM SS-Squeakstar

PixelRoyale Logo

This month's logo

This month's logo is made by Santiago González Martín, this time featuring content from the the then-released Bump Battle Royale and

The left side of the logo has the face of the robot, while the middle of the logo has (from left to right) the pink angel, Blue, and a basic employee. The right side of the logo has the heart character from the old Pixel Love barrier.

The word "Wiki" is coloured in purple, pink, and yellow, with the "W" and "i" coloured in purple and pink (respectively), while the "k" and "i" are coloured in yellow.

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  • 23 December 2012 - Special thanks goes to Santi, NOBODY and Ayernam for the Christmas Logo, and Ayernam, Emite, Frosty, NOBODY, Random, Santi and Sabkv for the Christmas Skin!! Visit this blog for more information.
  • 19 December 2012 - Nitrome Wiki goes into holiday mood! Check out our joyful Christmas skin, logo and wintery livery =)

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The app's icon

Nitrome Touchy is a free Brass Monkey application for iOS and Android devices released in 2012. The app allows for select Nitrome games to be played using the player's mobile device as a controller. Nitrome Touchy supports motion detection and local multiplayer, allowing for select games to be played with up to four people. (Read more!)

Previously featured: Cuboy Weresquare Skins Interactive objects (Droplets) Chickens (more)

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Nitrome Touchy Released!

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    New page: Special announcements are a method Nitrome uses to advertise their mobile games on their website. Special announcements come in the form of pop-up...

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