This article is about Nitrome boss from Super Stock Take. For Nitrome boss from Nitrome Must Die, please see Nitrome Boss (Nitrome Must Die).

Nitrome Boss
Nitrome Boss
Gender Male
Species Human
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Super Stock Take

The Nitrome Boss is a character in the game Super Stock Take.


The Nitrome Boss is large man, who has large stomach, balding head, and large cheeks. He has white shirt and dark grey jacket and pants, and also has a pink cuboy tie.

Game information

The Nitrome Boss will brief the player at the start of each level, stating what he wants the player to retrieve (although it is rather obvious). He does not interact at all with the player, aside from talking in non gameplay segments of levels.


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The Nitrome Boss acts harsh towards the player, acting in a derogatory attitude and generally talking about how miserable his life is, along with telling the player how they will be punished for failing to get the desired object.

He sometimes talks to the player in a non derogatory attitude, such as in level twenty where he tells the player that he is sorry for not caring for them. Along with this, he often makes humorous comments, sometimes making puns on other objects as well.


Penguin 1

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