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For the Weapon in Nitrome Must Die, please see Gun (Nitrome Must Die)#Nitrome

Nitrome Limited
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Mat Annal / Heather Stancliffe


London, England

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Nitrome (pronounced NYE-trome), officially registered as Nitrome Limited, is a small flash game development studio based in London, England. Nitrome was founded by Mat Annal and Heather Stancliffe but has now grown to have 10 employees, helping with game development. Due to the small team and creativity of the group, new flash games are released on regular basis (usually about two a month). The main income for the company is through advertising and licensing their games to larger flash game websites.

Nitrome was originally mobile phone games' developer but now focuses on browser based games.

All of their flash games(except their advert games) can be played on, their official website.


Early Days

Nitrome started up in 2004 and was founded by Heather Stancliffe and Mat Annal. The office at the time was the size of a bedroom. For income, they made advergames (games made to advertise a product), such as Vege-Mania Game. About 11 months after Nitrome was founded, a conversation about Mobile Phone Games stemmed up between Heather and Mat. Heather didn't think it was such a good idea. After much persuasion, a Mobile Phone game finally went into production. Nitrome launched their site on April 5th 2005. Their Mobile Phone Game Four Play was the only Mobile Phone Game released, Chick Flick; the first game in development was abandoned, and another game was left unfinished. Mat's brother, Jon joined the Nitrome team on May 20th 2005. Nitrome left the Cellphone Game business, and entered the Browser Flash Games business.

Flash Games

Nitrome made a few advergames in 2005 before making their own games. Nitrome remade their site and released their first game Hot Air in 2005. Although they didn't make much money off of it, they ported Chick Flick and released it on their site in 2006, after adding and removing features. Nitrome released several other game being sponsored by Miniclip, and also hired testers at first but stopped. Games took a long time to make at that time. Nitrome hired more people the in 2007 and took less time to make games. Nitrome made sequels to some of there games, and during that year MTV Arcade sponsored a few games. They released skins so players could personalize the site, and released more the next year.

Modern Days

With more people hired in 2008, this allowed Nitrome to make even more games in less time. Nitrome's games also had a story; Nitrome released several popular games in 2008. Nitrome released sequels in 2009 for games released the same year. Ice Breaker released in January 2009 was hugely popular and spawned two sequels. Twin Shot also gained popularity, and gaining a sequel. Nitrome also tested out MochiCoins in Twin Shot 2. MochiCoins allowed players to buy coins and spend the coins on extra content in Twin Shot 2, or other MochiCoin games. Nitrome tried MochiCoins out on B.C. Bow Contest, but did not implement the software into any future games. In the end of December, Nitrome announced they would be on Facebook.

Nitrome made more great games in 2010, but in the summer, between July and September, Nitrome experienced a problem which prevented blog posts to be posted, and during this time no games were released for two months, the second longest Nitrome has ever went without a game release. During the two month drought, Nitrome worked on making Super Feed Me, but after noticing a drop in their revenue, they returned to making flash games. A short time after this drought, Nitrome moved to central London. Nitrome released games in 2011 believed to have been "ported" from the Nitrome Enjoyment System. Nitrome in April began to post a blog post on every Weekday until the end of May. After this, Nitrome went back to there usual routine of posting only when there is Fan or New content, except they began posting a weekly Friday update informing fans of content that may or will be posted or released in the coming week. Nitrome reached 100 games on November 23rd 2011, with the release of Nitrome Must Die.

The logo is the letters N-I-T-R-O-M-E displayed in a slanted line. The colours of the letter vary every time the logo is seen. There is a different colour scheme and background for the Nitrome logo in all games' Startups.

The classic Nitrome logo was simply just pink letters, while the logo Nitrome used after the release of 2.0 had the letters as bronze coloured.

In game references

Nitrome has been referenced as a company in some of their games. In others, there website ( is shown as a level.

Square Meal

Square meal has one level where all the blocks are arranged to look like Nitrome.

Bad Ice-Cream

A level design with the word Nitrome is also present in Bad Ice-cream


Rainbogeddon has a level where the walls have openings that resemble the letters: N,I,T,R,O,M,E,.,C,O,M. Or, in the top it says NITRO and in the middle it says ME and at the bottom it says .COM.


Nitrome's appearance in Rainbogeddon.

Rubble Trouble Tokyo

On level 31, the player has to destroy a giant screen with a level of Off the Rails on it. Before the player starts the level, the Boss notices the giant screen and mentions Nitrome, with Barry and Garry responding by saying how "awesome" Nitrome is, and how they play their games.

Nitrome Must Die

Nitrome appears as a ruthless game making company who oppress the Employees by torturing them and making them finish projects in a small amount of time. This is seen by the content on the walls of some levels. Two friends - Austin Carter and Justin Bennet - go to destroy Nitrome, after being fed up with losing so much at their games. Nitrome's fictional work building, Nitrome Towers, also makes an appearance; having 100 floors.

Final Ninja

On level 10, the word "Nitrome" appears as a vertical neon sign.

Office Location

Nitrome was formerly located at the Old Fire House up until July or August 2010. They then moved to the Davina House, then to another are located in the middle of London.

Name origin

Mat Annal stated in an interview[1] with Jay is Games that when he (Mat Annal) was creating Nitrome, he wanted to give the company a "made up name" so that mention of the name would mean only them (Nitrome) and so that they could get a dot com domain "that would rank highly in search engines under it [the word Nitrome]".


Nitrome has several staff which work on parts of games. A "-" means they have not left, as well as have not done work in a game before leaving.

Name Occupation Joined Left First Game Last Game
Mat Annal Pixel Artist, Founder 2004 - Hot Air -
Heather Stancliffe Programmer 2004 2010 Hot Air Tiny Castle
Lee Nicklen Musician 2005 2010 Hot Air! Worm Food
Chris Jenkinson Tester 2005 2005 Hot Air Hot Air
Craig Annal Tester 2005 2005 Hot Air Hot Air
Matthew Crossland Tester 2005 2005 Hot Air Hot Air
Richard Bertram Tester 2005 2006 Hot Air Feed Me
Jon Annal Pixel Artist 2006 - Hot Air -
Neal Singh Tester 2006 2006 Sandman Chick Flick
Pablo Wiedemann Tester 2006 2006 Chick Flick Chick Flick
Stephan Socki Tester 2006 2006 Sandman Sandman
Simon Hunter Pixel Artist 2007 2009 Headcase Parasite (original content)
Chris Burt-Brown Programmer 2007 - Pest Control -
Aaron Steed Programmer 2007 - Magic Touch -
Markus Heinel Pixel Artist 2008 - Toxic II -
Dave Cowen Musician 2008 - Knuckleheads -
Carl Trelfa Programmer 2009 2010 Flash Cat Cold Storage
Jay Smith Pixel Artist 2010 2011 Blast RPG Mega Mash
Stefan Ählin Pixel Artist 2010 - Fault Line -
Andrew Gardner Programmer 2010 2010 Cave Chaos Cave Chaos
Stuart Allen Programmer 2010 2010 Bullethead Bullethead
Ignat Zuk Programmer 2010 2011 Chisel Bad Ice-Cream
John Kennedy Programmer 2010 - Enemy 585 -
Martin Wörister Pixel Artist 2011 - Stumped -

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