Nitroglycerine, shortened to Nitro (full name nitroglycerine) is a tool in the Rubble Trouble series.


Nitroglycerine appears as three pieces of dynamite attached to the back of a clock on a metal square plate by the use of four yellow wires.

Game information

Nitro unlike other tools can be used infinite times on some level, but on others has a set amount times it can be used. When nitro is selected, it appears on the players mouse. When the player has nitro where they want to detonate it, they simply click and the nitro will detonate.

Nitro is quite handy to use as it can be used anywhere on the screen, and detonated in areas hard to reach with other tools. In can be used in mid air, and does not need to be used on buildings. Nitro is also handy as the player can quickly detonate it one after the other. Nitro can instantly break glass due glass and take a few times to break other blocks. Although it can break almost all materials in Rubble Trouble quickly, it is useless against super steel, as all tools are. Nitro is also used for the tool air strike; it is dropped out of a Plane on to the ground when using the tool. Nitro appears as a gun in the game Nitrome Must Die, titled nitro.

Multi nitro

Multi nitroglycerine, shortened to multi nitro, is a variation of nitroglycerine introduced in the game Rubble Trouble Tokyo.


Multi Nitro

A pack of multi nitro

Multi nitros have an almost exact appearance of usual nitro, except the metal plate has a number on it that will change the more nitro that is added.
MultiNitro select

The multi nitro select button

Game information

Multi nitro allows the player to place multiple nitroglycerine units on a building, then blow them up all at the same time.The player can place a total of four multi nitro units before they all blow up.

When placed, the nitros unit will stay in the same place until the player clicks the "detonate" button at the bottom of the screen. They were first revealed in the first Rubble Trouble Tokyo trailer as well as in previews on the Nitrome Blog.

Game description


Click anywhere to make an explosion!

The ingame description for nitro.

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