New Britania, as seen from the map screen

New Britania is the setting for the game Steamlands. It is a war-wrecked country located in Europe. While there are towns, it is mostly uninhabited and has vast wastelands.


Most of the history of New Britannia is unclear. What is known is that in the quite recent past, Europe was being fought by massive robotic war machines. The war presumably stripped Europe of its energy supplies, and perhaps the war machines ran riot, and after the last one was silenced, people were struggling to rebuild civilization. It is here that New Britannia was founded, and steam technology became widespread across it.

As the people tried to rebuild, they struggled with Pirates in the wastelands. A Young Engineer (possibly hired) set out on a mission to vanquish the Pirates. The Engineer was briefed by an unnamed person before going into the wasteland, and in the wasteland the Engineer fought many other Pirate tanks. The Engineer traveled across New Britania, doing good deeds for towns and acquiring help from the people around the country.

Fighting and destroying the Pirates who stood against him, he finally found and destroyed the Pirate Commander, bringing peace to the country, and bringing it one step closer to recovery and rebuilding.

Area details:


While there are towns in New Britannia, most of the country is a vast wasteland strewn with wreckage of war machines and other objects from the great war. The towns that exist are all uniform, equipped with various facilities, such as repair shops, guards, and a (presumably steam-powered) monorail transport system. Each town plays host to a merchant, who sell goods, gossip, and upgrades to passing tank drivers. Towns are built on walls made from large metal plates riveted together, and damaged often by pirates. Some people seem to farm to make a living and obtain food, even though there are no visible agricultural facilities. It is also presumed they keep livestock, and eat sausages. At the edge of each town there is a retractable steam powered bridge over a moat of bubbling mud to keep pirates out.

A typical New Britannian town.

The Wastelands:

The Wastelands fill most of New Britania. They are immense flat areas filled with garbage and wreckage from the great war. They are populated only by Tank Pirates, and fights between their various factions, as well as against the heroic mercenary the player controls, are staged here. It is an extremely dangerous area for citizens of New Britania, as any person venturing through it stands the chance of getting kidnapped or killed by pirates. People often pay or agree to hitch a ride on the Engineers tank to travel through them, in order to avoid pirates. No wildlife is sen in this or any known area of new Britania. Some of the wastelands, and perhaps the whole of New Britania at some point, may have been underwater, since there are wreckages of large boats in various places. There are also Pyramid like structures scattered about, though what they are and what their purpose is/was is unknown.

a battle rages in the Wastelands

List of Locations

In Steamlands, the player can travel across New Britina fighting Pirates. The below list list the Shops, there Gossip, and the content which they hold and at what prices. (NOTE: All Flags can be purchased in Red, Black, or Orange. The colours will not be mentioned, only the Flag name) (NOTE: Gossip will not be counted as a shop item as it appears in almost all shops in Steamlands). Below is a list of shops that appear on the two coloured trails of New Britania.

White Trail

The below Template is about shops that appear on the white Trail on the World Map.

Level Shopkeeper Items Price Gossip
Gun Shop Mechanic British Flag
Engine Room Health 1
"Well squire, first thing you'll need to do is grab some of those fancy looking blocks on the floor out there. They're called Determinators. Using those you can still shoot and leave your engineer to get back to shovelling coal"
Bargain Hunt Rich British Man Bronze Armor 1 £2500 "The first rascal you'll meet has very poor armor in places. Aim for the weak spot, then tool up with the junk that's lying around and go finish the second tank."
Sky's the Limit Salesman Hail-Stone Health 1 £5000 "If the front door is locked, well, then you can always go through the hole in the roof can't you. When you see the fella blocking the road ahead, I'm sure you'll catch my drift."
Yoga Flame British Army Pilot Flex Health 1 £4000 ""These Flex guns look pretty fancy, but they're just the basic version of all guns yet to come. Unlike the determinator, you can aim them at blocks that aren't level with them. But they won't aim so well once when damaged, unlike the Deteminators, which just fires slower. Use their ability to concentrate fire on a weak spot, that's the trick!"
Keeping Track Tin Man Bronze Health 2 £5000 "The first tank you will fight is the hardest. Pay attention to how damaged his blocks are. Move your guns to the back and use the engineers coal to strike through the weak spot. On the next tank you will just need to take out his stack of guns from the bottom. Most inefficient design.
Man of Steel Strong Man Swedish Flag £100 "Man, I had such a good time dancing last night, but there was this guy that was causing trouble. I went up to him and pointed my mighty finger at him, and he left. People like that make me so angry, and thirsty."
The Escourt Drifter Iron Health 1 £5000 "There are plenty of small blocks on that Tank of yours that can be arranged. To protect against the elements. And bullets. Be sure to move new armor into position to protect yourself and your passengers."
Stealing to Survive Tin Man Woodpecker Health 1
Cog Flag
"No Gossip"
Special Delivery Tin Man Dum Dum Health 1
Steel Health 1
"No Gossip"
Ricochets Drifter Feed Me Flag £100 "My uncle once fired his musket right straight into one of them shiny reflectum kettles. Poor old fool got hit by the ricochet straight in the kneecap and ended up with a second hand steam-powered peg leg. Now I hear the hostiles outside town are gathering reflectum armor... what on earth could they be up to?"
Unarmed Mechanic Reflectum Health 1 £20000 "Wasteland scouts recently spotted a vehicle patrolling the mud plains, apparently equipped with an experimental high-pressure cannon. I wouldn't rely on ANY armor to reflect a hit from that one."
The Mirror of Venus Mechanic
Twin Shot Flag
Flex Damage 1
Determinator Damage 1
Steel Health 2



"The Enemy spent a lot of time polishing the surface of there precious new weapon. The inside is a whole different story. Rumor has it that the core was made from scrap metal and booster units scavenged from run down old chassis brought in from the deep zones. Appearance seems to be a lot more important the reliability"
Target Practice Tin Man Flex Reload 1
Determinator Reload 1
"No Gossip"
Assembly and Assimilation Rich British Man Fist Flag
Bronze Health 3
Iron Health 3
Steel Health 3
Engine Room Health 3


"My wife is a terrible cook. Avoid her cabbage pie at all costs!"
Mr. Fix It Rich British Man Repair Man Health 1 £15000 "Good man that Arthur Gasket, it would be a shame to lose him on your trip when you could be aiming him at essential weapons on your tank that are under attack. Of course he'll just keep repairing any old thing, but if you aim him like a gun you'll get the best out of him."
Super Paratooper Tin Man Saboteur Health 1
Cuboy Flag
"Using Flash the Paratrooper is the most efficient way to complete this mission"
Hook Line and Sinker Mechanic Grappler Health 1
Wrench Flag
"Keep that block chap in the top of your hat as if he were royalty. You won't stand a chance against the tank behind him without him."
Steel and Gunpouder Rich British Man Cross-bone Flag £100 "The other night a wasteland tank rammed the village wall and a chap from the crew came flying over the wall, landed on his face outside the social club and immediately started a fight with the guardsman Smith. In other words, tank pirates around these parts are really aggressive, I suggest you stay on your guard if your heading out."
The Hatchet Brothers British Army Pilot Heart Flag
Star Flag
"I hear you've got the hatchet brothers on board. Peculiar fellas, probably not right in the head. Something about witnessing a horrid polar bear attack when they were just wee lads. Still, they're very effective in battle. One of them will usually strike at a carefully selected target on the enemy battle engine, while the other would distract the engineer."
Mjolnir British Army Pilot Booster Power 2 £50000 "No Gossip"
Battle Engine Blackhammer British Army Pilot Woodpecker Reload 1
Flower Flag
"Five years ago I was I was serving on a battle blimp when we encountered blackhammer. We fought for hours, but in the end we were taken down and only a few of us managed to escape slavery. Blackhammer was built in layers. Make sure you don't open up to much of its defences at once, or you are bound to go down the same way we did."
Leave no Man behind Drifter Engine Room Power 2
Bowler Hat Flag
"I've spotted five battle engine up ahead. An enslaved repairman is working onboard the first vehicle. The third one holds a saboteur, and the last one in the battalion a grappler man working under the whip. Leave no man behind!"
The Pirate Commander Tin Man Repair Man rate 1 £25000 "The armor of great war machines is stronger than any other. Its primary weapon is greater than any other. And there eye-boosters can power weapons from very far away. You must attack the eyes as fast as possible and dodge the main weapon."

Grey Trail

The below template is about shops that appear on the grey trail.

Level Shopkeeper Items Price Gossip
Top Down Rich British Woman Hail-Stone Damage 1 £5000 "Mrs. McGuillycutty's been having an affair with Mr. Wagstaff the butcher I hear. Terrible isn't it? I hear Mr. McGuillycutty doesn't suspect anything just yet but he's bound to find out soon. What a drama!!"
Armed Guard Drifter Mandelbrot Damage 1

Zig Zag Flag

Matryoshka Damage 1
Thor's Hammer Damage 1



"You have all the tools you need to make it through intact. Don't waste them. Keep your Thor's Hammers in shape with your repair man and keep the pressure on with the Mandlebrot cannon. The last tank you'll face is almost as well equipped as you - be careful."
Endurance Drifter Reflectium Armor 3
Spectacles Flag
No Gossip
Rearrangements Rich British Man Big Ben Damage 1
Thor's Hammer Reload 1
No Gossip
Grab and Run Rich British Man Penny Farthing Flag £100 "Mark my words lad, you're a fool to trust the talk of wasterider riff-raff! They will most likely be waiting for you to claim the loot and then ambush you on your way back to town."
Bang on Time Rich British Women Steel Armor 2 £10000 "The first tank you'll meet is equipped with a Woodpecker machine gun. You'd better concentrate fire on that first. The next tank is easy so long as you pile a lot of armour on top of your tank. Remember to be careful with those explosives! If you drop them they'll explode!"
Like a Butterfly Strong Man Engine Room Health 2 £5000 "Remember your foot... ehm... trackwork! If things start to look bleak, there's no shame in a tactical retreat!."
Leftovers Tin Man Matryoshka Health 1
Mandelbrot Health 1
"No Gossip"
The Pitter-Patter of Shells Rich British Man Top Hat Flag £100 "What? What's that you say? Gossip? Oh yes, I had it written down here somewhere. I'm pretty sure I did, now what did I do with it? No, wait. Here it is... Nope that's my shopping list. Oh where did I put the thing?!"
Right Back at You Salesman Reflectium Health 2 £40000 "A tank full of reflectium! What a treasure! It might seem like coal is your only weapon, but you have the enemy's bullets for your own too. Create cup shaped structures to shape bullets back at the enemy. Build leaning towers that catch thrown bullets and knock them back at the enemy. That's the trick!"
Rain and Hail Salesman Hail-Stone Reload 1 £50000 "My sources claim that the area up ahead is guarded by three or four vehicles, one is very big and they all seem to concentrate their armour in the front."
Big Ben Salesman Big Ben Health 1 £7500 "Doesn't matter how much armour you put up front. Ol' Big Ben will still hit targets deep inside. Aim for the boosters and drive fast into them."
Punch Buggy British Army Pilot Thor's Hammer Health 1
Animal Flag
"Those Thors can destroy an engine room in two shots. But they're mighty slow. If you come up against a weapon that has a much faster reload time then you'll be in for the fight of your life. Make sure you even the playing field and take out any guns faster than Thor's Hammer early in the fight."
Descent British Army Pilot Flintlock Flag
Woodpecker Reload 1
"Well armed eh? What good is a well armed tank if you don't keep it in good repair? Nothing! Concentrate your fire on their boosters and drive full speed into them, don't give them the room to aim at you without hitting their own tank. That'll teach em."
Big Jobs Traveller Saboteur Damage Rate 1
Question Mark Flag
Engine Room Power 1
"Bert the local farmer is doing a really great deal on cider and pork sausages today. Yum!!"
Voyage of the Titanic Mechanic North Star Damage 1
North Star Health 1
"Just drive over with all that weaponry? Nonsense! You're walking into an ambush, mark my words. But you've the largest saboteur team ever assembled on that there tank. They're the key, you just need to buy them enough time to get the job done mate."
Trading Cards Rich British Lady Mustache Flag £100 "I hear the first tank you'll go up against has a North Star machine gun on it. Frightful thing it is. But I also hear they haven't secured it to the tank properly. Hit the blocks it's attached to with your Hail Stone cannon and you'll knock it loose. That's the trick to defeating these tanks ahead: Steal their weapons."
Progression Drifter Sword Flag £100 "The last tank of the hostile convoy has some very dangerous weapons equipped. Make sure you aim for the weak spot immediately, or you're in for a beating."
You're the best around! Mechanic Robot Eye Flag £100 "I'd like to thank you on the behalf of everyone for making New Britania safer for all of us. You're a good person squire, and we're glad to have you around. Don't you forget it."

Steamlands Player Pack

With the release of Steamlands Player pack, a new region of New Brittania was uncovered. There are no towns in this area, though the area contains a weapons testing lab. It is unknown if the lore of Steamlands Player Pack can be considered canon, since it is made by players, and not Nitrome itself.
Steamlands pp map

A map of the region of New Britannia seen in Steamlands: Player Pack


  • It has been theorized that the war in Europe and Steamlands possibly takes place after Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam, as Guards, and the Valentine Gun are references to Dirk Valentine. The setting is also similar to Dirk Valentine. This is also supported by the blimp like Vehicles in the Steampunk Skin.
  • Steamlands Player Pack takes place in a part of New Britania which has no shops.
  • It is implied that New Britannia used to have a rail system, as a train car labeled "No. 7" can be seen in the wreckage.

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