Ability Registers objects bounced into it
Game(s) Chick Flick

Nests are interactive objects in the game Chick Flick.


Nests are yellow bird's nests. They are probably made out of straw.

Game information

Nests are the main objective in each and every level of the game Chick Flick. The squirrels use their trampolines to bounce chicks, and other objects in the nest. The point of the game is to bounce the chicks and other objects into the nest to earn points and to progress onto the next level. When an object lands in the nest, it will get deeper in the middle for a second before returning to normal.

Rocket Nest

A nest with rocket boosters

The nest (when it is not altered) is always in the middle of the screen. When the player bounces an object into the nest, a certain amount of points are awarded. In the levels, the player has to bounce ten chicks into the nest to proceed to the next level. When the player beats the level, they can go back and play the level over. When played over a second time, the level will just keep track when a object goes into the nest rather than counting up to ten. The nest is sometimes altered in some levels: in level three, there are are two nests, in level six, the nest has rocket boosters, and will tip and float to the side when they are bumped by a chick bumping its side.


  • When an object first drops from the ceiling, it cannot land in the nest, but it has to be bounced at least once for it to land inside. If a object is bounced up from underneath the nest, it will go right through it, and not bounce on the bottom.

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