Neck extendable robots
Neck extendable robot
Attack Harmful on contact
Abilities Can attach themselves to a ceiling and pull itself up to platform below the ceiling. Their bodies can be extended.
Health N/A
Game(s) Rustyard

Neck extendable robots are enemies in the game Rustyard.


Neck extendable robots are cylindrical in shape. They have a small semi-circle head on top of their rusty-gold and brown barrel-shaped body. They have two small legs they walk around on. Their height varies depending on how high the player stretches their 'necks'. A small propeller comes out of a compartment underneath their head when they are flying up to a platform. Their necks resemble tiles from extendable tiles.


Neck extendable robots can have their height adjusted by pulling their 'necks' up or down. If they run into a platform while their necks are extended, a small propeller will fold out from under their head, causing them to fly up onto the platform. Their height decreases as they fly up. They are harmful on contact to the robot and must be flown up to higher platforms in order to move them out of his way.

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