New born sun
Gender Unspecified
Species Star
Faction Good
Health Three hits
Level(s) All
Status Alive,
a fully grown sun
Game(s) Nebula

Nebula[1] is the main character in the game Nebula.


Nebula has the appearance of a small yellow sun with eyes.

Game information

Nebula appears in all levels of the game Nebula, and moves on its own unless guided by the player. To guide Nebula, the player has to place a line of drawing stars in its way. When it comes in contact with drawing stars, it will follow the direction the drawing stars go. This is the only way to control Nebula. Nebula, when not on a path of drawing stars, will bounce of walls, and also run the risk of coming in contact with enemies.

Even while on a path of drawing stars it is still hard too control, as if the player moves the path to fast the end stars will more quickly disappear, and if to slow Nebula will outrun the path and move on its own. Nebula will stick to galactic jelly, and throughout the game encounter space cubes that when destroyed rebound the star back. In each level of Nebula, the starlet has to collect several cosmic keys to complete the level. Enemies will try to hinder it, but objects exist that can destroy them.

Penguin 1

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Nebula Finish Screen

Nebula as a fully grown sun

In the ending, Nebula becomes a fully grown sun.

Other appearances

  • Snowman skin - Nebula appears in the sky being guided by hydrogen stars.



  1. - Avatars → Nebula: Nebula from the game with the same name.

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