Nasal mucus
Virus front
Species Snot
Faction Unknown
Health 1 hit
Level(s) All
Alive, escaped out of someone's nose.
Game(s) Flue

The nasal mucus is the protagonist of Flue.


The nasal mucus appear as a green slime like character, appearing as a small green blob with an eye.

Game information

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In Flue the nasal mucus travels through fifteen square tunnels to reach the hole at the end of each level. The nasal mucus can move onto walls and ceilings. The nasal mucus avoids hazards such as spikes and fire blasts.

At the end of the game it is revealed that the nasal mucus had been out of a man's nose the whole time, and the tunnels were most likely the person's nasal canals.



  • A high resolution version of the nasal mucus appears in the icon, the ending and an avatar of Flue.
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