This article is about narwhals from Snow Drift. For narwhals from Bad Ice-Cream 2, please see Narwhals (Bad Ice-Cream).

Snow Drift Narwhal
Abilities Jumping out of the water
Health Cannot be killed
Points N/A
Game(s) Snow Drift

Narwhals are enemies in the game Snow Drift.


Narwhals have a body coloured half in magenta and half in pink. They have a cylindrical head, most which is coloured magenta. A bit behind that is the narwhal's mouth, which contains white teeth; they appear to be gritted. On the magenta part of its body is its pink eye, which has a black pupil.

The top of its head slopes down, three fins on this sloping part. Attached to the back of its body is the narwhal's tail, attached to the front of the narwhal its giant horn.

Game information

Narwhals are first encountered in level 13, and only make two appearances in the game. They can only be found in spaces between platforms, where they leap out and temporarily obstruct the yeti's path. Unlike standing enemies in Snow Drift, narwhals cannot be killed with an ice slide and thus, should be jumped over as they descend.