Napping guards
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Firing rockets
Health One blow
Points Fifteen
Game(s) Headcase

Napping guards are enemies introduced in level five of the game Headcase.


The guards appear wearing a red suit with a blue line on the side and a large matching red hat. Most of their body is covered by the suit, except for their face, which is exposed. The rocket launcher appears as a semicircle with a small blue box with a red button. Attached to it is a small box, which is a big cylinder attached to a smaller cylinder on top. They will occasionally wake up to press the button, which reveals their dark blue eyes. Their bullets are similar to the yellow spikes.

Game information

Found lining the walls, ground and ceiling of the game, napping guards awake every few seconds to fire a rocket from their missile launcher before sleeping again. The bullets and the guards themselves damage Norman Noggin on contact.

Jumping into the guard will damage the player, but the player can smash the guard from the side, though most of the times guards are protected from their sides. They usually appear in groups, firing at the same time, creating a pattern the player must go through.

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