This article is about fish from The Bucket. For fish from other games, please see Fish.

The mystical flying fish[1] is one of the two main characters in the game called The Bucket. It is the character that the player has direct control over.


The mystical flying fish is orange-coloured and has a tree with green leaves coming out of its back. Because of the smoke that trails behind it whenever the player moves it with the mouse, the mystical flying fish is probably robotic.

Game information

Big mystical flying fish

The mystical flying fish at the end of a level

Attached to the fish is a bucket, which is separated by a string. This is the bucket the character uses to transport the raccoon safely to the finish block. The mystical flying fish is invincible, but can be stunned by touching enemies or hazardous objects. When the mystical flying fish safely delivers the raccoon, the tree atop the fish's head will grow, producing a rainbow. The mystical flying fish can interact with blocks by placing the bucket down on it.

Other appearances



  • The rope attached to the mystical flying fish can be extended.
  • The mystical flying fish may be controlled from inside, since there is a railing around the top of the fish's head.
  • The mystical flying fish appears as a toy alongside Canary 214-LE in the n-toy vending machines in Rubble Trouble Tokyo. However, it can only be recognized to be him if the vending machine is zoomed up to.


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