Mutators are a type of interactive object in the game Nanobots.


Mutators appear as a coloured circle with a purple circle around the coloured circle. Between the coloured circle are two coloured wires, which have a curve. A darker circle is seen to come up and end at the curved wires. Mutators have two outer purple wires which hold up the name of the mutator. The letters of the mutator are in purple.

Game information

Mutators are used by the human piloted nanobot to change forms. The human piloted nanobot can enter a mutator by going over it, and upon doing this, it will transform him into a different form. To make things simpler, the mutator has the inner coloured circle coloured the colour of the form that can destroy that type of coloured nanobot.

Mutators can be only used by the human piloted nanobot, and only to change forms. Enemies cannot use mutators, even though they can move over it. Mutators have to be spawned into levels, as all levels at the start may not have all mutators necessary for completion. There are three types of mutators: the cannon mutator, orb mutator, and bomb mutator. Mutators do not have a set area where they will appear, and appear in a different place each level.



  • In one level, the second level where weapon stealers appear, when the weapon stealer is introduced, a pink wormhole which they are spawned through will be placed inside a cannon mutation. This is so the player doesn't stay in the mutaor so if they lose their weapon, they immediately gain it back.
  • The bomb mutator is the least used mutator in the game Nanobots. This is probably because yellow nanobots appear uncommonly in Nanobots or that bombs are harder to use than the other weapons.

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