This article is about mushrooms from Fat Cat. For mushrooms from other games, please see Mushrooms.

Mushroom Fatcat
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving around, shooting bullets
Health Shown in health bar
Game(s) Fat Cat

Mushrooms are enemies in the game Fat Cat.


Mushrooms have magenta coloured, light pink polka-dotted heads, leafy green bodies, and small, light green eyes.

Game information

In most levels of Fat Cat, mushrooms simply move around, trying to prevent the cat from passing, while other times they may be stationary, spraying bullets from its head.

Although the mushroom's health is represented by a bar like many of the bigger enemies, it takes less time to destroy as opposed to other enemies with health bars in the game. When destroyed, they typically leave food behind for the cat to build up its mega-laser.

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