This article is about mushrooms from Cave Chaos. For mushrooms from other games, please see Mushrooms.

Mushroom (Cave Chaos) CC2 Mushroom
Ability Bouncing the miners
Game(s) Cave Chaos, Cave Chaos 2

Mushrooms are interactive objects in the Cave Chaos series.


In Cave Chaos, mushrooms are brownish-olive coloured and have smaller mushrooms growing at their base below. They have a cylindrical, thick base that sprouts upward and curves inward. The top of the mushroom is rounded, similar to the shape of a beret.

In Cave Chaos 2, they are the same, but are coloured slightly differently to make the appearance of light reflecting off them. Also, there are no smaller mushrooms at the base.

Game information

Mushrooms act much like trampolines in the games. If the player jumps over one and lands on it, that player will be bounced into the air as if they jumped. The bounce that the mushroom provides is higher than the miners' normal jump, so mushrooms are often used to reach otherwise inaccessible places. In level seven of Cave Chaos, mushrooms appear in great numbers covering almost everything. Though they normally appear in groups of one to six.

It is possible to get trapped behind a mushroom as they are added after floor is placed. Also, if the miner lands right on the side edge of a mushroom in the original Cave Chaos, they will begin to fall very slowly.

In Cave Chaos
In Cave Chaos 2
Mushroom (Cave Chaos)
CC2 Mushroom

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