This article is about mud monsters from Square Meal. For mud monsters from Leap Day, please see Mud Monsters.

Mud monsters
Creatures???(Square Meal)3
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Immune to hazards
Health One blow
Points One hundred
Game(s) Square Meal

Mud monsters are the first and most basic enemies introduced in the game Square Meal.


Mud monsters

A stunned mud monster

Mud monsters are brownish-red goop, resembling melted chocolate, with yellow eyes. The goop is constantly oozing from them, but never being seen left on the floor. When stunned, their two yellow eyes will be replaced with an "x", one bigger than the other.

Game information

Mud monsters first appear in level one. They do not attack at all but will kill the player on contact. Mud monsters will slide aimlessly around the level, and will not follow nor attack the player. To be eaten, they first need to be hit by a block. Then, while they are stunned, the troll can walk up to them and swallow them, gaining one hundred points.


  • A common glitch with most enemies, including the mud monster, in Square Meal is that they are seen walking through walls and blocks.
  • Going along with the food theme of Square Meal, the mud monsters might be made of gravy or melted chocolate.
  • They look like the Mud Monsters in Leap Day.

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