Mr. Stabs
Mr. Stabs
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Jumping up
Game(s) Dangle

Mr. Stabs[1] are enemies in the game Dangle.


Mr. Stabs have a domed cylindrical light green body with a black troubled mouth and mask-like shadow around their eyes. They have two yellow horns at the either side of their head and a smaller horn pointing upwards on the top of their heads. Mr. Stabs are blob-like in appearance as they bobs up and down with their bottom half spreading out when they bob down.

Game information

Mr. Stabs lack legs but still are able to move around on platforms, moving horizontally and turning at ledges. If the spider is above a Mr. Stab, the enemy will jump high up in an attempt to hit the spider.

The player has to quickly descend and get past the end of a platform to avoid being hit. An easy tactic to get past these enemies is to go down very low near them but not too low that the spider will get hit by Mr. Stabs' horns, then build up speed and swing over its head, which should cause the enemy to jump up and allow the player to go over to the other end of the platform.


  1. Named only in the game's code. (Image)

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