Mr. Blows
Mr. BlowsMr. Blows blowing
Mr. Blows walking (left), blowing air (right)
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Blowing air
Health Cannot be killed
Game(s) Dangle

Mr. Blows[1] are the first type of enemy the player encounters in the game Dangle.


Mr. Blows have two small feet and have a oval shaped head. They have long orange lips that come out from the front of their face. Their whole body is orange except for their eyes, which are white with a black pupil.

Game information

Mr. Blows walk horizontally on platforms. When they reach the end of a platform, with their lips they will blow air out, a little bit less than the amount of air blown from a fan.

Sometimes, the breeze generated by Mr. Blow can be used to reach coins or hearts. Sometimes it works the opposite, blowing the spider in the direction of enemies or hazards instead.



  1. Named only in the code of the game. (Image)

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