Moving spiked platforms are hazards in the Hot Air series.

General information

Moving spiked platforms are a variation of a normal platform that appears in the Hot Air series. Moving spiked platforms appear as the commonly encountered spiked platform that appear in every level of Hot Air. The difference between these platforms and usual spiked platforms is that moving spiked platforms move in a set pattern. They appear in several levels in Hot Air 1 & 2, moving in different directions and taking up the entire level.

Paralell Moving Spiked Platform

A parallel spiked platform

Rotating Spiked Platforms

A rotating spiked platform

Parallel moving spiked platforms

The first moving spiked wall, unofficially called parallel spiked platforms, is encountered in one level in Hot Air. Two types of these walls appear, each being grey coloured and vertically shaped. At the start of the level in Hot Air, both will be moving toward each other, which is towards the center of the room. Spikes are placed down the side of the platform that faces the opposite platform. The hot air balloon has to quickly make it to the red pad, as both walls will eventually reach the middle of the player does not complete the level in time.

Vertically Moving Spiked Platforms

Vertically moving spiked platforms

Rotating spiked platforms

The second moving spiked platform, unofficially called rotating spiked platforms, appears also in Hot Air, acting very different than the previous spiked platform. This one appears as a giant red coloured spiked platform with the insides cut out, with spikes all along the inner edges of it. The platform rotates clockwise, causing the hot air balloon when it starts the level to move in sync with the platform. The green and red pad in this level are on rails, as the pads also need to move to keep up with the movement of the platform.

Vertically moving spiked platforms

The third and last platform, unofficially called vertically moving spiked platforms, is encountered in Hot Air 2. The platform appears bluish grey and moves up vertically, usually covering up some small mines or stars. When it moves, if Hot Air stops moving, it also will move a bit in the direction of the moving platform. This is the only type of moving platform in Hot Air 2.