This article is about moving platforms from Cheese Dreams. For moving platforms from other games, please see Moving platforms.

Moving platforms
A moving platform from Cheese Dreams
Ability Moves in direction of player's bounce
Game(s) Cheese Dreams, Cheese Dreams: New Moon, Cheese Dreams Demo

Moving platforms are interactive objects in the Cheese Dreams series.


Cheese Dreams

The platform is rectangular and has a purple glow rising from the top. On the base of the platform, there are two small screens.

Cheese Dreams Demo

The platform has a small energy meter in the centre, and the platform is a light green in colour. The dotted line it follows is white.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

The moving platform is turquoise with a large dark grey spinning gear coming out from behind the platform. The platform itself is made of two rectangles held together by smaller rectangles placed diagonally to form a 'x'. In the middle of the platform, placed in front of the gear, is a large turquoise bolt placed on a flat square of the same colour.

Game Information

Cheese Dreams

They will automatically move back and forth in a single direction. The moon is supposed to jump and stay on it, so as to get to places it couldn't get to before.

Cheese Dreams Demo

They are powered by being jumped on, which means that until the player falls on it, it will stay in the same place. When jumped on, a little meter will appear, showing how much power is left. When the power runs out, the platform will immediately go back to its starting point and stop. The platform always travels along the white dotted line.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Moving platforms first appear on level 1 of Cheese Dreams New Moon. The moving platform moves automatically in a set path indicated by white circles. After reaching the end of its path, the moving platform will continue in the opposite direction.

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