Movable objects
Pumpkin T-U Crate T-U
A pumpkin (left) and crate (right)
Ability Acting as platform and holding down buttons
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Movable objects are interactive objects in the game Turn-Undead.



Crates are square shaped with a black outline and made out of dark brown wooden planks. The planks are placed in an outline of a square frame with two planks in the center overlapping to form an X.


Pumpkins resemble jack-o-lanterns and are circular with a small bulge at the top. Pumpkins are primarily orange with a dark shade of orange present at the ridges on its surface and pale orange present near the top of it making the pumpkin's skin appear shiny. Two square yellow eyes are present near the top of the pumpkin with a black mouth placed below in the shape of a sinister smile.

Game information

Movable objects first appear in level three of Turn-Undead and come into forms: crates and pumpkins. Both objects, regardless of appearance, react the same way and preform the same function. When the vampire hunter presses against a movable object, the object will move on space forward till it encounters a wall. Movable objects are often found in levels that contain buttons and, if a movable object is pushed over top of a button, the button will activate. Lastly, movable objects can also be used as platforms with the player jumping on top of an object allowing them to reach higher areas.

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