This article is about movable blocks from Frost Bite 2. For movable blocks from Fat Cat, please see Move blocks.

Movable boxes
Movable Boxes
Ability Serves as a movable platform
Game(s) Frost Bite 2

Movable boxes are interactive objects introduced in the game Frost Bite 2.


Movable boxes appear as dark brown wooden boxes that have four planks on the outside and the middle, and also have a white horizontal arrow pointing left and right on each end.

Game information

Movable boxes appears throughout Frost Bite 2. They can be moved horizontally, but not vertically or diagonally. For it to be moved, the player has to shoot the box. The box will be pulled back towards the player when the grappling hook is pulled back.

Boxes are used as a platform for the Eskimo to jump off, to reach high enough to a platform so that she can pull herself up the rest of the way or to reach another platform. Enemies walk past boxes if they come to them, and hazards just go through them.


  • There is a glitch that if the Eskimo shoots at a box and turns around (facing the opposite direction), the grappling hook, and the box attached to the grappling hook will move to face the direction that the Eskimo had moved.

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