Mouth dark creatures
Mouth Dark ThingMouth Dark Thing open
Left: A mouth dark creature with its mouth closed
Right: A mouth dark creature with its mouth open
Abilities Can eat arrows
Health One hit
Points 100
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Mouth dark creatures are enemies introduced in the game Twin Shot 2.


While they appear to be a single enemy, mouth dark creatures are actually composed of two monsters. The most visible part of the monster has a round purple head and tiny purple legs.

Pointed crooked teeth can be seen, as the creature's mouth always remains open, along with a thin lining of pink gums. Inside is a dark creature, only seen when the mouth dark creature opens its mouth.

Game information

Depending on their angle shot from by the angels, the mouth monster will react to the arrow shot in different ways. If shot when the mouth monster is facing the arrow, it will open its mouth and eat it. Shortly afterwards, the mouth of the enemy will open and the dark creature inside of it will throw the arrow back out. Thrown arrows do not cause the angels to lose health, but will stun them temporarily, making them more vulnerable to other enemies for that duration of time.

To kill a mouth dark creature, the player must strategize and shoot it when the mouth is facing away from the angels. When an arrow successfully hits, the mouth dark creature will fall off the screen and leave behind a coin that could grant a player anywhere from fifty to five hundred points.

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