This article is about mosquitoes from Canopy. For mosquitoes from Bad Ice-Cream 2, please see Mosquitoes (Bad Ice-Cream).

Canopy Monster 2
Attack Touching the player
Abilities Flying across a yellow line
Health Can be destroyed with bomb fruit
Game(s) Canopy

Mosquitoes are enemies in the game Canopy.


Mosquitoes have a white face with two pink eyes, and a pale pink (almost white) beaklike mouth. They have a yellow body, where the bug's six brown legs are attached to the bottom and the wings attached to the top.

Game information

Unlike other enemies which are somehow attached to a branch, mosquitoes more along their horizontal line, placed usually horizontally, but sometimes vertically. Mosquitoes never attack the player, they move along their line. Mosquitoes only move on a yellow line, they will not stray from it.

Levels which have the mosquitoes will usually lead the player through the yellow line of a mosquito, and sometimes the player will have to use a flower node to catapult Canopy through a line of a mosquito. Mosquitoes cannot be killed normally, because their line cannot be shaken because it cannot be held.

However, levels which have bomb fruit will usually have a part of the level where the player will have to shake a branch to cause the explosive fruit to fall on a line of mosquitoes. This is the only way to kill them.

Mosquitoes usually occupy one Line, but very rarely many Mosquitoes may occupy one line. Mosquitoes are common in Canopy, and appear on levels like Nine, thirteen and seventeen.



The mosquitoes' yellow line

  • In level thirteen, there are two mosquitoes below two bomb fruits. If the tree is shook the bomb fruits will fall down, destroying the mosquitoes. Only the yellow line is left.


  • All the enemies in Canopy, including the mosquito, have eyes similar to Chiseler from the Chisel series.

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